I was born in Johannesburg / South Africa, studied philosophy in Frankfurt, Jazz singing in Weimar and work in Berlin as a singing teacher, singer, composer and choir director.

Music, as a force that transcends borders in dialogue with cultures, the arts and artists, is my passion. I have worked together with musicians of the most varied musical styles and origins  as a coach, a singer, a bandleader and a music curator (Türme Babylons 2003).

For several years I have been training teachers and educators at conferences on the subjects of "Singing and Movement", "World Music" and "Voice Stress". At the hmt Rostock I represented the chair for pop / world singing, improvisation and vocal ensembles and have a teaching position at Faculty 3 of the UdK Berlin for jazz singing. I am a certified Estill Master Trainer, with Anne-Marie Speed as my mentor.

I currently teach vocal technique and methodology at the Dresden College of Music and at the Humanistic College of social pedagogy Berlin. 

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